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The purpose of this project is to support National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities by providing Information Technology (IT) as a backbone, a medium and an enabler. Project’s purpose is to implement a plan and a process with health policy outcomes that dramatically change the health care imbalance reality in Prince Georges county that we know of today. This requires various IT components, including but not limited to, a public website, an electronic registry and an electronic data capturing tool, so as to support epidemiologists and toxicologists to capture high quality scientific data available to uncover causes of disease breakouts and the means of its prevention; intervention and disease control activities and thus improve health and safety of patients/candidates.


Java / Open Office / Apache CXF Web Services
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eProtocol streamline the clinical trials protocol development process. The tool is developed with Open source technologies like Java, Open Office, and Apache CXF Web Services etc. It is a solution that enhances collaboration, mitigates process inadequacies, and improves efficiencies during protocol development. The system’s purpose is to serve all users with a simple, adaptable tool to accelerate the protocol authoring processes by reducing the time consuming administrative burdens. This allows an expedited process that results in faster research and development to be completed, new drug treatments to be revealed earlier, and patient cares to be tended to quicker.


Java / Oracle
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Electronic Research Information and Compliance (eRIC) is a paperless system designed to automate the submission, tracking, and review of scientific regulatory and compliance information that is required for the safe conduct of human subject research. The solution aids the group process of reviewing research protocols and related materials, such as informed consent documents and investigator brochures.