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Application re-engineering and migration is a necessity for any organization to keep up with changing strategies and newer, supported technologies.


Our re-engineering and migration services team design solutions that leverage the latest technologies, ensuring longevity with increased performance and scalability, but at the same time have a minimal impact in terms of cost, Transition time, and training; and hence ensure a high ROI. We have the knowledge and experience in assessing and documenting existing and new processes, dependencies, issues, and risks when drafting migration plans. Hence providing our clients with a smooth transition and a well-documented system.

Our Migration capabilities include:
  • Business process improvement
  • Development Technology upgrades or migration
  • Web enabled
  • User Interface re-design
  • Server upgrades or migration to various platforms
  • Automated Data Migration
Benefits of Software Migration/Re-engineering Services:

When you seek for the support and guidance of Rays TechServ Pvt. Ltd., you will automatically receive incredible benefits from us. Some of the benefits provided by Rays TechServ Pvt. Ltd. for software migration/re-engineering including

  • This enhances the value of the business for new application through reiterating business logic and critical data.
  • Helps minimize the system writing cost from ground up through the use of legacy application functionality.
  • Since new systems have been based on natural business logics, this ensures the key business process continuity.
  • Increases the end-user satisfaction and system reliability.

Migration and re-engineering are both essential permanent processes needed by organizations that consistently upgrade themselves to keep a dynamic and modern business. The strategic approach is to develop long-term plans that incorporate proper way to grow and upgrade an IT infrastructure. The plans should cover projects for migration and re-engineering legacy systems. Predictable and smart software migration and re-engineering process can support the expanding organizational needs with no hindrances on current business processes.


Rays is the company that backs up every organization that is in need of re-engineering and migration services for their business software. This company got the best services and solutions for software re-engineering and migration to help you reduce the maintenance cost while allowing them update their present applications. It offers specific services depending on the condition and location of the customer.